Happy Birthday Babygirl

I wrote this piece on 6 September this year.  A piece for my daughter which she hasn’t seen… may never see… who knows…  After all, the only permanence is Change.

She is on her way here, with her birth parents, my niece, nephew, and my first grand-nephew (yikes)… and I will, at least, get to hug her and see her for the first time in a year. 

I can hardly wait.  🙂


Today is your birthday
You are nineteen
Going on twelve

The Papa you had
but never wanted
tells me
               She’s only doing now what she didn’t need to do earlier
              When she was with you
               Because she was with you

When you were
                                with me
When weren’t you?
When aren’t you?

The sharpened stones you
hurled as you left, found their
mark in my heart
where they
with the rest of
for your return

The Aunt you had
but never wanted
tells me
                She’ll come back to you
               You are home to her
               She will

Come back
                      to me
Will you?                        
When will you?

The day you were born
nineteen years ago
this moment, you
to leave the womb

Her womb

Perhaps you knew what
lay ahead with her, the
years to come, the
matchless years snorted

Her years
Your years

Perhaps you knew that
the only safety with her, the
only security she could
ever offer you, was
the womb

Her womb

so you 

Until you heard
                               my voice

I spoke your name             
No, not your 
My name
                   for you
I said
I’m here
Come out
I’m here

And I will 
                    Love you more than anything else in the world
I will
                    Take care of you
I will
                    Be here when you’re in trouble

          I do
          I have
          I am
I’m here
Come home
Come home

© s rogers 6 September 2008


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babygirl

  1. kay says:

    hello, my friend.
    having read just the beginning of your writings, i am touched by your grief, your hurt, your love, caring and compassion. it makes me miss you all the more. i miss your hugs and sharing tears. i miss your laughter. i miss you. please know you are in my heart and thoughts forever. K

  2. Sabrina says:

    i was too late to know you already left tibu. glad you have this site so people can still read you.
    this piece is so heartfelt and very deep, your readers can feel you. thanks for sharing this and enjoy the moments with your daughter. 🙂 God bless

  3. catgem says:

    thank you very much for visiting, Sabrina 🙂

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