The Last Sunday Song

Chocolate will never 
taste the same, yet 
I no longer Run at its

Wires that held the 
lights you hung, those oh
so bright bulbs for me to
see Half the World Away,
frayed and fell across The
Long and Winding 
Road that led us
home to Somewhere 
Only We Know

The Strange and Beautiful
Signal Fire we lit while Chasing
Cars,  left others High and 
Dry in its wake, astounded by
the zeal, by the passion, by the
of my Brit as he said

And you did
you did
                you know
You did

Our Love is Here to
Stay Together because You 
Are All That I Have
as I was for you
      Be happy
You Could Be
and I will know
and I will 
with Pride and Joy
as I am smiling
listening to the
Sunday sadness fade

© s rogers 2008

Thank you for letting me know you were here.

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