From atop her
rocky perch, the
as up Oedipus’
rugged road they

Lion, Kraken
Chimaera, Dragon
Cerberus, Centaur
Typhon and Bull

She cleans her paws,
sharpens her claws
and whets the
by which she is

Until she spies the
the once beautiful,
wearing the men 
she has 
as snakes 
upon her head

                                 Oh, Sister?
calls the Sphinx
                                  Have you not yet tired of your games?
                                  Are all the men not yet the same?
                                  Come, sit beside me on my sunny rock, 
                                  that I may share what I have gleaned
                                  from all my ages as a fiend.

But Medousa only
and shaking out
her serpent  
mane, slithers on,
who cross her

And the
her black eyes
shakes her
and curls back up
to await the

© s rogers 2008

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