She wears
like an old
winter coat 

clutching it
tightly with a
worn strip of 
cloth she prefers
to call

She buries
in its mange
marked collar

turning it
up against a
frozen face
she prefers
to call

But the

the eyes 
she cannot

they call
to every
one, to no
of sun
of heat
of volcanic
of fire

that scar
and char
and blacken
who dare to 
her way

©  s rogers 2008

2 thoughts on “Cover-up

  1. malcolmjames says:

    Very well done. The images are powerful, and I really like the subject shift from her to her eyes
    On a lighter note, change the gender and change the word cloth to fur, and this could be about Toonces, well, Toonces on a very dark day.

  2. catgem says:

    laughs… sounds like you know Toonces… you poor fellow… i shudder to think just how many people he may have…. ummmm… introduced himself to….

    and thank you for continuing to read me and to let me know your thoughts

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