‘cross a land too cold
for deer and antelope to play
while lavendar wraps its way
around the endless sky
and cattle wade grey 
across the frozen waller
in a circle

Winter hangs shaggy
on weedy limbs as the 
once-mighty creature 
his broad-horned head 
to the steel-carcassed 
woman flying past 

The soft whir of re-
conditioned heat echoes
Son’s aftershave (sweet)
Daughter’s tears (savory)
the sound of
  My angel
his hand still warm against the cheek
  You’re always here
his voice still free in the air 
  Smiling that sweet smile
that was Friday
the blinding sun of a December morning

mottles the man’s long legs
(shiny from the tender press of love and lotion)
into marble members
strong enough to carry him
in a circle 
to the next life

© s rogers 2008

4 thoughts on “Cap

  1. malcolmjames says:

    This is just beautiful!

  2. catgem says:

    thank you, malcolm

  3. shoegirlramblings says:

    I just love this piece Steph… I’m so glad that I will have a place to view your work after the final curtain call at tibu…

  4. catgem says:

    it makes me so happy to see my groupie’s shoe here, Lisa… am going to email for your blog link so i can add it

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