she wondered at the
speed with which tears
tear down the face

she sighed at the
depth to which falling
falls when the fall is

When the fall is
all there is, it matters

it matters

and when
there is no
to catch
to capture
to break
then the fall

© s rogers jan 2009

4 thoughts on “Lionheart

  1. Xigent says:

    Sometimes the fall
    turns out not
    to be all.

  2. catgem says:

    yes, my dear X — sometimes 🙂

  3. mary rose says:

    and the beauty is getting back up again. I needed just what you had to offer. I miss TIBU and am falling through space. Tell shoe and all hi for me♥

  4. catgem says:

    huggggggggs you tight — are you coming to FaceBook? miss you!

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