Big Dave

As we come to the end of World Suicide Prevention Day 2009, I am reminded of my friend, Dave, and of this post that I wrote in 2008….

Six years ago this month, a friend of mine decided to take his own life.  He left us six letters, all of them saying only,  “I can’t take the pain any more.”  Even now, I feel the ache where his smile was and miss the morning hugs that lifted me out of my chair and spun me around just to “be sure the day starts right”…


melting in the august
sun, the world around me

mouths move
lights spin
phones vibrate

while beyond the
double doors
you lie

the rumbling of 
the engine
the only noise
the only
to cross the 
silence and find me
heels sinking
into the sizzling
buried ‘neath the
weight of my own

© s rogers 2008

Thank you for letting me know you were here.

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