Johnny B

she was the one they all wanted
she was the one none of them wanted

which was it

she could no longer
it no longer mattered

you will be famous one day
that face
will be famous

they had been
belly floor down
face to face
music throbbing under them
sweet cannabis drifting over them
lovers friends strangers exes futures
around them

you don’t see it, do you?
that face
you have no idea, do you?

his eyes in the darkness
like a possum’s

thinking of a possum
she laughed

of course not
they never know, the real ones
they never see it
but I know, I see it, I see
that face
and mark my words
it will be famous one day

she had not known how to mark
she was only just learning how to mark

and when it is
when that happens
I’ll be somewhere saying
I knew her when

but he had died

and that face
had never been
had never been
had never been
just another


©s rogers 21 november 2009

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