She is…

the Caged Pearl
you cannot release

the only Truth
you cover with lies

Always with you
and Never near you

the Collateral Damage
you dare not trigger

the Keeper of the soul
in which you cannot believe

the other Half
you will never have

One Step Forward
and Two Steps Back

the One you long to protect
and the One you cannot save

the Beginning
with no end

the End
with no beginning

the Pain
to which you cleave

the Joy
you push away

the Priceless Bouquet
you will not send

the Unsullied Air
you cannot breathe

the Holy Muse
you cannot honour

All you love
and Nothing you can

your Deepest Dreams
sacrificed to your starkest realities

the If Only
and the Must Not

the Lemniscate
you will never hold

the Blood that turns Blue
to Indelible Indigo

and Never

and Forever

and Hope

and Despair 

the Inexorable Loss
you (both) must bear

but what matter the words of a Mistress


to another 

© s rogers 20 march 2010

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