Tennessee called
it a click, a mechanical
click, where everything just gets

Tennesee called
Kitty Maggie, gave her
a pat on the head and
put her out for the

to wander a land of ghosts
with a stringless guitar and
the echo of perfect harmony
buffeting her brain

a land where
waters run red,
and bubble purple at the
surface like carbonated
and all the clocks read
one hour ahead
from where Kitty is
from where Kitty was

a land where
all the roofs are tin
all the roofs are hot
and Kitty’s only
as Tennessee knew
as Tennessee knows

just stayin’ on
i suppose
just stayin’ on

© s rogers (rev) 17 May 2010
with limitless thanks to Tennessee Williams (and his photographer)

Thank you for letting me know you were here.

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