The Brief

at the breve counter
where my debit card                     
to cover my large with an
shot, she stood strangely
in faded scrubs of
lavender and violet,
an unrepentant
catechizing my face

                                          Your makeup looks good

she told the throbbing side
of my head, as i battled to
recall the last
of my bank

                                           Really good

her words
                 flung fast
against my temple,
splattering my hair
hanging breathless
from the silver curls
finally they  fell,
a muted skirl
within my ear

i glanced 
not at her, but at the
young man (yes, carbuncular)
whose mind her words had
from fears of forsaken
latte, to Spec

his eyes bumped mine, and
in that moment we both
Well, perhaps She will pay



i saw her

there was no smile
no follow-through
there was only
and oh so

a look that left me,
digging in my bag,
to wonder
just what
it was that i 
made up

©s rogers 24 july 2010

16 thoughts on “The Brief

  1. june Newsome says:

    You always manage to surprise us with your words.

  2. CatGem says:

    thank you, June 🙂

  3. dversepoets says:

    ha. you captured that moment well…and big smiles on the close…nice and vivid in her words reaching you too…

    saw your tweet abt linking to poetics @dversepoets but did not see this in the linky?

  4. Really good…I like your style…so as it happens. Great poem!

  5. claudia says:

    so cool, wonderful capture of kinda strange moment…love the whole atmosphere you paint and the words hanging breathless
    from the silver curls…cool image

  6. Heaven says:

    i like the way your words hangs in the air, all the way down.

    nice capture of that awkward moment…

  7. Mary says:

    I love the way you brought this awkward moment to life in your poem!

  8. Intriguing and unexpected, thank you.

  9. hedgewitch says:

    I’ve coincidentally been rereading my Eliot this month, and I see the bits of homage here working well with your theme of alienation and the mysteries of others, the wasteland we traverse to find a common thought, an understanding of even most basic nature. Enjoyed this much.

  10. I like how you allowed me to share the experience and confusion of that moment.

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