Dollar Tree

belly to belly
thigh to thigh

they are not
they cannot be 
they look to be

maybe not


they are not
young enough for
to be the force that
them thus


though there has
been and will be
it is not here
it is not now
it is not in
the way she
lightly but
his dirty shirtfront
it is not in
the way he
tightly but
her muffin-topped

as though it were
and not noon,
and not parking lot,
and not

© s rogers 3 march 2011

also posted at dVerse Poets Open Link Night Week 8

21 thoughts on “Dollar Tree

  1. awesome word flow..
    well done …

    Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

    Love your blog, your poetry is impressive..

  2. brian says:

    wow, nice turn in the last line…too young for passion…is there an age limit…smiles…like the layout of your poem, some creative line breaks adding emphasis…nice…

  3. hedgewitch says:

    Very smooth use of a tree style form, echoing the title, and the images of a passion that is so much more than nothing and so much less than it should be is very deftly drawn. Ending is just genius. Excellent poem–enjoyed it much, and thanks for your kind comment at my place as well.

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    Great styling of the piece and yes their is a range that passion can be felt, very nice!

  5. claudia says:

    love, not desperation….good capture here as i think some of these youngsters really are desperate and try to find something else by going that way

  6. expatinCAT says:

    A well-stuctured poem which reads and flows very naturally. // Peter.

  7. a fine piece – your poetic delivery is always interesting and dynamic – the concept evolves and unfolds in my mind just as you intend it – i think – love the sense of all you offer here – love and not desperation … is there a difference ?

  8. siubhan says:

    “…love/and not/desperation” a real punch at the end; powerful commentary, and i like very much the broken, abrupt lines/line breaks– fits with the message very well.

  9. hollyheir says:

    Ah, you have witnessed the morning after of middle age one night stand (and you know it) – breakfast at Denny’s- and one last grope in the parking lot before he wheels off in his big ol’ truck and she saunters to the grocery store wondering whether he’ll call (or text) and guessing he probably won’t. I’m afraid this is the detritus of lives after the shipwrecks of divorce. The form here unravels the scene as though it were happening in front of you. Extremely well written. Thanks, Gay

  10. rob kistner says:

    Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

  11. Heaven says:

    Like the contrasting ideas and images…very effective in highlighting the message:

    as though it were
    and not noon,
    and not parking lot,
    and not

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