It Was

one before
i thought of you

one before
demons dug
their creosote claws
down the fissures of my
swollen heart

one before
my faded smile
remembered Why
and melted to
the asphalt

one before
the red-tails fell
one before
the coyotes fled
one before
the sun the sun
my sun
flung the black crape cape
around his shoulders,
turned his back
and slinked,
shamed and sullen
behind my greenless

perhaps tomorrow
it will
be two

© srogers 2 july 2011

4 thoughts on “It Was

  1. Forpuck says:

    That was great S, really like the last stanza in particular!

  2. katley says:

    some very good visuals here, especially the demons with the creosote claws and the sun putting on a cape and slinking away.

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