Notes Magazine Issue 3 is Out!

Issue 3 of Notes Magazine is out!

This issue is especially important to me, not because I’m interviewed in it (I am and I hate talking about my writing and this interview shows it — poor Harmoni…) but because it’s the first issue in which I’ve been invovled start to finish as Prose Editor.

I’m honoured to be associated with Notes Magazine and with The Grace Notes Foundation in general.  Founder and Editor-in-chief Harmoni McGlothlin, has done a superb job (in a very short amount of time) of encouraging new talent and supporting “old” talent in new ways. 

If you’re a reader, click on over and grab yourself a copy of Notes Issue 3.  If you’re a reader and a writer, submit your stuff to Notes — we’re constantly looking for great words.

We’re also looking for Prose Editors (aka HELP ME), so if red-lines and blue-pencils are your joy, please send us your application.

Whatever you do, keep reading, keep writing, and keep supporting those who do!

Thank you for letting me know you were here.

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