A Box Full of Broken

Handle with care

Begin with the ribbon:
pink strips of fresh-flayed
skin, wrapped like un-
broken apple peel, curling
in the evening heat.

Then the lid:
booby-trapped and barbed;
edgeless, cornerless, boundless,
without hold or catch; wax-
with frozen, yellowed pus.

Step aside when opened:
Zyklon A is deadly mixed
with tears; something about
salt and cyanide and
Cruel, if not so Unusual.

And inside, once inside:
broken vows and promises,
decay like the blossoms
of a tomb, the chrome of
the copper of blood.

Potpourri for the damned

So lower your ear, if you dare:
to the hiss of dying wasps
to the moan of caged beasts,
to the withered, haggard
of the dying.

Their soured apologies
whirring and stirring
within a box, this
box, a box sometimes

©s rogers 31 december 2011

2 thoughts on “A Box Full of Broken

  1. Joanna says:

    Pretty intense stuff. Great job.

  2. CatGem says:

    thank you, Joanna

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