That’s Entertainment

when you take away the
animals, you’re left with
cigarettes and coca-cola

in a city park that makes
no sense,

with an upright tight piano
that scratches like a needle
fucking vinyl, and a sky

that ends somewhere
over there.

seven days and still no other
sound to meet the memory
i had thought was dumb,

and the visions of Dead Deer
Lane that have never died.

How was it done?
How was it done?

let me tell you
How it was Done

on my back as my
ass climbed his thighs,
my arches on his shoulders

on my side as he
cradled me in the
vast length of him

on my belly as his
hand engulfed my throat,
my back arched and aching

from his knees as i
stood, his face wet
between my breasts

there were other Lys,
but Comically?
no, i don’t remember

unless, perhaps, you
mean the look on my
face when i realized he
was gone;
really, truly, totally

then, yes, perhaps came

but i missed it.

and yes, i know
you don’t understand

no one ever has


You have come
the closest.

©s rogers 2 may 2012

4 thoughts on “That’s Entertainment

  1. katley says:

    this is very powerful and sensual…love it!

  2. Rob Dakin says:

    Devastatingly revelatory of uppercase Truth. And, like the lady said, sensual.

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