Things Are Getting Ugly…

and it’s not even Fall yet.

Even as I type, I’m not sure about writing this, not sure I’ll post it — but for weeks now, I’ve felt as though there are some things I want to say, perhaps even need to say, as we head into the 2012 US Presidential election.

Not to mention the end of the world in December.

It’s a funny thing, in this completely connected, totally isolated, world of ours, to realize that there are X number of people “following” me — just because I decided to start writing again a few years ago.

I mention that only to explain, to myself as well as to all of you, why I’m even attempting this particular post.

I’m trying to find some non-egotistical way to express my view that being “followed” — regardless of why or by whom — comes with a certain amount of responsibility, even duty — something we tend not to acknowledge or even realize.  And I think that sometimes — probably all too often — the followers have no idea who, what and/or why they follow.

That being said, I want to state very clearly, once — and once only — where I stand and in what I believe — and not just “Politically”.   It is impossible for me to compartmentalize my beliefs.  To try to separate them into “Political” or “Spiritual” or “Ethical”, etc., seems not only incredibly hypocritical but ridiculously confusing.

So — this is what I believe.  This is who I try to be:

  • I believe in the equanimity of all living beings.
  • I believe that the colour of skin, hide, fur, feathers, scales, membranes, etc has fuck-all to do with the true worth of any being.
  • I believe that the gender (or lack thereof), the sexual orientation (or lack thereof), of any living being has fuck-all to do with its true worth, much less its right to be born, live and die.
  • I believe that the only true hope for Earth lies in the human realization, followed by compassionate human action, that the Earth belongs not only to one country or set of countries, nor even to one species but to all living beings.
  • I believe that if one of us suffers, we all suffer.
  • I believe in Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.
  • I believe that all the names and ideas used for “God” can be summed up in and replaced by the active verb “Love”.
  • More than anything, I believe in that Love.

I try very hard to live by these beliefs.  I don’t preach, I rarely even talk about them.  But I do try to live them. And I fail — a lot.

They seem very simple to me, they seem logical, even to the illogical half of my mind, and yet every day I am amazed to learn that they are not so simple to many, many, perhaps even to most, people.

And this makes me very sad.

At any rate, this is who I am.

So, in the coming months, please understand that I will not debate you, and I certainly won’t fight you, so don’t even ask.

Leave whatever comments you feel you want or need to (just as I have written this post) but understand that I will not respond.

There is one last thing in which I believe, spoken so eloquently many years ago by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: We must be the change we wish to see in the world.  

We Must.

Love and Light always to all of you,

6 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Ugly…

  1. Katley says:

    The way things are going the world may end before December of this year. That being said, the problem with the world is the compartmentalization of people into countries, political parties, and religions. People may think that these organizations unify them; the effect is quite the opposite. It becomes “us” versus “them.” Which is how wars start. It’s all about ideology. Good post.

  2. Timoteo says:

    What a manifesto…it is as if you lifted these thoughts right out of my brain and expressed them in a far more eloquent way. Above all, it is your compassion that shines through.

  3. Yup. This is well thought, well-presented, and…well, the TRUTH.
    thank you. I came here from your comment on my Fourth Dimension blog. Glad you did that, so I could read your post.

  4. Forgot. In the final analysis, in the end, after all which is material has went and gone, we will find that all–everything–yes, all of the Universe was, is, and will be but ONE, will be one attribute…LOVE. Period. That’s what I believe.

    Since you don’t read comments, I can write what I think here…how freeing that is!

    Love, Peace, and JOY…ALWAYS!

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