A Moan

a soft gasp of perfume
a silent scent of shadow
when she hugs me

not the incensed spice of
winding sheets,
not the powdered puff of
receiving blankets

but in between
a somewhere in

like the space between
her daughter’s Birth
her daughter’s Death
a space too short
for any mother to call

her shoulder blades
beneath my fingers
cut and press a way

her daughter’s hands
unseen atop mine
cup and cradle the
sharpening bones
(so brittle)
(so fragile)

each week


©sdrogers 23 january 2013

4 thoughts on “A Moan

  1. kay loftin says:

    are you kidding me? talk about a tear jerker!
    absolutely beautiful, steph!

  2. lawpoetry says:

    I feel the pain in this poem. It is so touching, wonderful writing

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