An Earth Without Countries

Angus stand heavy
with February longing.
I orbit but do not
to meet their gaze.

From there to here,
the length of  a finger
tip, the width of the
at the base of my throat;
your thumb on a pulse
that never was.

Wind whips and whistles
like an old cliché, wailing
truth that lies, stripped and
splayed, withered and
wizened, at the
of winter.

And all I know
is all I know.

That sun the colour of
saffron and sand, holds
always, holds only, the
of sea.

That in the years before
you, those long, full, happy
years ahead, when you are
no longer torn, when there
are no longer
to be kept or crossed,

there will be moments
(only a few)
when Indigo falls from
the West with a
you almost remember.

But they will pass, these
moments, always pass,
until they cannot be called
cannot be called even

and you will walk whole
and boundless
and free.

And the blue in your
will be the only,
the extant
of me.


© sdrogers 10 february 2013

2 thoughts on “An Earth Without Countries

  1. Steve E says:


    I know, I know…you do not read these comments! OK.
    That first line: “I know, I know” written of something which I do not really “know”. I have become an “Unknowing” Peep. Started out knowing whatever you wanted me to know (and some things, you didn’t–smile!). In fact, only ONE “knowing” remains: I know God is LOVE–by deFinition. That is all. That’s all I know. Please do not argue that with me, because at my age there is not much time to waSte(veroni. HA!)

    God is love. This, revealed to me as, through an erRor, I pulled up a post you wrote
    August 2, 2012. Though a mistake (Sheeesh!) I read it anyway. Turned out I had commented 3 times on that post–BTW, not a record for me (smile).

    Knowing but one thing (which in effect is a lot) I admit to BELIEVING anything and everything. But, dammmit, I do not UNDERSTAND anything–even that LOVE of which the UniVerse is created.

    Cloud of Unknowing rains
    Chaos of Confusion reigns

    Finding the way out only took 38 years of following a “simple-but-not-easy” program, following a way of life (for me, saved my life!) Alcoholics Anonymous.

    As a human bEing, I must be. Sometimes that is not easy, to just “BE”!

    Being part of God’s love, as expressed in the largely-unknown UniVerse, I learn to express my soul in lovingness. Loving is (again) simple, but not easy. It is accomplished by actions. The Peeps I work with are constantly thinking of and helping others, first, to stay sober, then to help them realize we do not have the answer–we are under a Cloud of Unknowing. But we do have a solution. A portion of that is dOing.

    LOVE and PEACE to all who may read this
    and to all who may NOT………….

  2. CatGem says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, Steve — I do always read comments.

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