The Quickening

There was a time
when I forced my
heart to close.  When
bitterness and anger
were my brothers.

I was young then.

Now, the luxury of
darkness is no longer
mine.  Now, I can afford
only to live in the light.

I am no longer young.

I, like my world, am
past the mid-point, past
the time when cynicism
and doubt are useful, if
not necessary.

I am not quite old.

But I am old enough
to know that even the
moon is light; that
even the night cries
against the darkness;

That we must feed
each other.  Or starve
in the heart of great

©sdrogers 2 may 2013



6 thoughts on “The Quickening

  1. I can so relate to this poem. I spent over half my life feeling bitter and angry over things I could never change. Now at this age, I have no time to waste on that. This poem is so true to heart and quite beautiful.

  2. CatGem says:

    thank you so much, Lisa — I’m so glad it speaks to you 🙂

  3. This is stunning, stunning poetry.

  4. CatGem says:

    thank you, lazrus — you continue to humble me

  5. Katley says:

    you are spot on, Kitty; as you get older you tend to be more forgiving, there is no time for the luxury of bitterness.

  6. CatGem says:

    thank you, Katley — so much 🙂

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