Words have left me.

They have gathered
their lines and curves
to draw a raw and steely
labyrinth ’round me, and
I find I can no longer even

They have gone the
Way of You.
Your Way.
The path of distance.
The course of ever
lasting separation.

And I tire.

I tire of Understanding.
I tire of Acceptance.
I tire of Experience.
I tire of Perseverance.
I tire, yes, even of

No, that is not true.

Would that it were.

But I tire.
I do

Inside the maze, I
pace and cry and
call, but you do not
Neither of you,
None of you,

Both of you,
All of you,
to have left me
here, walking the ice
edged mandala, lips
moving in silence.

It is a temporary desertion.


©sdrogers 23 september 2013

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