High Maintenance

Manicures and facials
silk and satin
dressing for dinner
and ringing for the maid
to zip and unzip

The heads and hides
of slaughtered creatures
lying blind
across my shoulders
around my throat

A monochrome world
with Technicolor highlights

Yes, I could have lived it.
Perhaps I did.

Callouses and sun spots
cotton and flannel
sleeping in T-shirts
and kicking off socks
in piles at the foot of the

The handmade love
of treasured friends
wrapping me warm
in ribbons of brown
in ripples of red

A sepia print
with accents of pink

Yes, I am living it.
Who could have dreamed?

Only you.

Only you
find no fault
in the love of
that straddles both

Only you
pass no judgment
on the delight in
that colours both

Only you
embrace the
without question

Only you
work the
without force

Only you,
my Darling.

Only you.

©sdrogers 29 december 2013

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