A Good Place to Start

It is April 2020.

I have spent much of my COVID-19 quarantine time revisiting and revising this site which I took down over a year ago, and which I honestly never expected to remount.

Yet, here I am. And here it is.

It has been an “interesting” exercise, flipping through what is now more than a decade of my written and photographed life. An exercise appropriate to the time in which we now find ourselves.

Like the time, I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet.

Some general information about navigating the site:

At first, I considered dividing the work into Published and Unpublished, but that possibility was quickly lost once I realized I honestly don’t know which is which anymore and I am far too lazy to find the books in which the published pieces are, well, published.

Then I tried sorting by year. That has remained. Kind of. Sort of. Ish.

Most of the years contain a Mix page. Initially, this page was going to contain everything created in that year, but for some years, that would have made for ponderous scrolling, and some pieces just felt like they needed their own space, so I gave them individual pages.

Sorting by year spotlights entirely empty, or almost empty, years (2015-2019) which saddens but does not surprise me.

Still, there are pieces and pieces of pieces scrawled in ink and pencil and crayon throughout countless Moleskine notebooks and rainbow coloured legal pads all around me. Perhaps there will be time to add them here. At least there is, finally, a place for them.

So, as far as navigation goes, my best advice is just to dive in. The menu link will take you to 2006-2019. Everything created from 2020 forward will be mounted as a Post and not a Page, so you’ll find new things just by scrolling from here.

2020 is going to be the Line of Demarcation. For many things.

To those of you who are here because you’ve supported my work for years, my gratitude is more than I can appropriately express. You have kept me creating in the darkest of times, and saved me in more ways than you can ever know.

Thank you.

To anyone reading — I hope you’ll return. I’ll continue to update some of the old pieces — especially with photographs — and, hopefully, be posting new work more often.

May all of you be well. Be safe. Be happy. Be blessed. And may we all #anchorthelight.