Childless Mothers

for hand turkeys never drawn
for carpools never driven
for nights never spent
                                            with colic
                                            with fever
                                            with bad dreams

for backtalk never heard
for bones never broken
for whys never asked
                                          with giggles
                                          with anger
                                          with frustration

for walks never taken
for games never played
for hands never held
                                          with pride
                                          with fury
                                          with anticipation

for parallels never parked
for sex talks never dreaded
for futures never wondered
                                                       with hope
                                                       with joy
                                                       with longing

for all the nevers
for all the evers

i offer my tears
to mix with yours
you childless mothers

on this dark day
which is our day

© s rogers Mother’s Day 2009