“There is so much more to you.
Why do you work so hard to hide?”

I have always been
Strong. The women
in my family (and who
are there but women
in my family) are all
Strong. Some more
than Others. And Others
more than they know.

But, yes, I have always been
Strong. With a weakness for
young men, sunny coasts, and
three part harmony. But
Strong nonetheless. Strong and

Good. I have always been Good.
At healing the sick, at walking the
wounded, at singing the dying
to parts unknown. But I
remember a time, long ago and
far away, a time when strength
and goodness were not all I was.
A time when my laughter made the

tired exhale with joy, when my
voice could loose the most ambitious
knot, when the softest blush of my
skin left men (and sometimes women)
breathless and aching for more.

If you had known me
If you had seen me
Would you have known
Would we have known
Would all those insistent
male genes have overpowered

whatever is weak and deadly
in me. Would they have
fought their way in, hanging on
with the tenacity of their Lion
Lord until they burst forth from

us both, your boys become Our
Boy, One Strong Boy, with
blood-black hair and brilliantine
green eyes.
And where is, what has
become of my better side.
The infinite print of your
blue seeps fresh and silver

deep into my scarred skin.
A heart has only so many
beats; a fast-beating heart
has so many fewer. However
many, however few,

they are yours, my darling.
They are yours.

srogers 10 november 2012