Because There Are Others

When I first began writing again, a friend searched the web for my name and found that there is another poet named Stephanie Rogers.  Google it now and you’ll find a gazillion Stephanie Rogers, all of whom seem to be writers or photographers or singers or poets, or some esoteric combination of all that and more.

So I added the D.  Which stands for “Dawn”.  A name my father chose, to which my mother agreed because it looked pretty written out.

I’ve had this blog for a number of years, but never created an About page until this morning.  Because it seemed a little silly.  And a little egotistical.  And it still does.  But, people smarter and more knowledgeable about such things, tell me that it’s time to talk about me.  At least a little bit.  So…

Stephanie D. Rogers won her first writing award at the age of eleven for an essay about how the state of Texas got its name.

This was also her first publication.

After graduating from the University of Dallas, Stephanie picked out a living as an actress, singer, voice-over artist, and writer. During those years, her short stories and poems were published in various Regional Literary Journals and her performance pieces were staged or performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Louisville, Houston, and Dallas.

After fifteen years of silence, Stephanie began writing again in 2007. Since then, her blog has been nominated for a Webby Award, her prose has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize and her poetry has won numerous awards, including one which resulted in the publication of her first collection, Toms.

In 2012, Stephanie began to explore photography, her first foray into the visual arts.  A virtual exhibit of her work is hosted by The Camel Saloon, (which also hosts a couple of her poems).

One of her photos has been chosen as part of the Blue Exhibit at Studio No. 7 in Atlanta.

Stephanie is also a Grief Counselor and Thanatologist whose work with death, dying, grief, and loss infuses and inspires her artistic endeavours.


2 thoughts on “Because There Are Others

  1. AW says:

    Interesting, Steph. It’s okay to be egotistical. To me I think it’s more promotional. We’re on this planet for a mere blink of an eye in the grand scheme of the universe, and why? No reason, nothing is known, we have words to describe and yet the very observation we write and speak of is the world we exist. We exist to live mystery as little curious children. But what do I know. Anyway, I like hearing you talk about yourself. Gives me permission to understand myself. After all we’re one in the same, one pile of cosmic wonder.

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